Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No More #

So my fellow peeps in the West, music is created by people, planets by meteors, and Pie by love. Today I really have nothing to talk about, really tired and bored. Might play some WoW, might eat some Pie. Possibly chillax to some Aqueous Transmission by Incubus, beautiful song. I saw some stuff posted on facebook today about a poor girl that plays Runescape, funny stuff. I used to play Runescape until I became a man but hey, I don't know. So thats it for todays, nice and short :).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Now Second #2

I couldn't wait so I had to post again. I forgot how much I love Incubus and Pie see ---D It took me a few minutes to make but it is completely legit. Here is a list of my favorite Incubus songs:
-Black Heart Inertia
-A Kiss to Send Us Off
-Anna Molly
-Love Hurts
-Light Grenades
-Earth to Bella (Part I)
-Oil and Water
-Diamonds and Coal
-Paper Shoes
-Pendulous Threads
-Earth to Bella (Part II)

-Make a Move
-Neither of Us Can See
-A Crow Left of the Murder
-Talk Shows on Mute
-Beware! Criminal
-Sick, Sad Little World
-Southern Girl
-Zee Deveel
-Made for TV Movie
-Smile Lines
-Here in My Room
-Follow (1st Movement of the Odyssey)
-2nd Movement of the Odyssey
-3rd Movement of the Odyssey
-4th Movement of the Odyssey
-Nice to Know You
-Wish You Were Here
-Just a Phase
-Blood on the Ground
-Have You Ever
-Are You In?
-Under My Umbrella
-Aqueous Transmission
-New Skin
-Idiot Box
-Magic Medicine
-A Certain Shade of Green
-Favorite Things
-Summer Romance
-Deep Inside
-You Will Be A Hot Dancer
-Trouble in 421
-Take Me To Your Leader
-Speak Free
-The Answer
-Sink Beneath the Line
-Nowhere Fast
-The Warmth
-When it Comes
-Make Yourself
-Battlestar Scralachtica
-I Miss You
-Pardon Me
-Out From Under
PLUS all the songs from the new albums
So pretty much every song by them :)

Ohhhh First #1

So Pie, what greatness it beholds. If I could I would become pie. Oh yeah just look at it, its greatness, its beauty. The problem is Pie needs to be made and I don't like making stuff except like Socks or Blankets cause I am an Old lady in a 18 year olds body. Did you know Pie is made of dough and it can be filled with stuff like rocks. I think its easy to store and easy to carry, like a wallet or baby. If God was God and Jesus was a grape he would make Jesus die for our grape pies, not are sins. Here is pie: HERE Its to Wikipedia so it sucks, Don't read it though, stay here chill and eat some pie, maybe listen to some Tool and Hate on California or make fun of the Apocalypse thingy. Well this guy, Big J, thats me, mmhmm, needs sleep cause here in America we have beds (Sorry France). May the force be with you as you live long and prosper. And before I go, one picture for the road. Its so silly. P.S. My girlfriend hates the word silly :) but yes PIE!