Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ohhhh First #1

So Pie, what greatness it beholds. If I could I would become pie. Oh yeah just look at it, its greatness, its beauty. The problem is Pie needs to be made and I don't like making stuff except like Socks or Blankets cause I am an Old lady in a 18 year olds body. Did you know Pie is made of dough and it can be filled with stuff like rocks. I think its easy to store and easy to carry, like a wallet or baby. If God was God and Jesus was a grape he would make Jesus die for our grape pies, not are sins. Here is pie: HERE Its to Wikipedia so it sucks, Don't read it though, stay here chill and eat some pie, maybe listen to some Tool and Hate on California or make fun of the Apocalypse thingy. Well this guy, Big J, thats me, mmhmm, needs sleep cause here in America we have beds (Sorry France). May the force be with you as you live long and prosper. And before I go, one picture for the road. Its so silly. P.S. My girlfriend hates the word silly :) but yes PIE!

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